New Beginnings

By Kim Salisbury

I have had the incredible opportunity for most of my adult life to move every two to three years. Some of you might think that sounds awful, but I truly loved it. I have lived in diverse places with opposing climates, people and customs. From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, San Diego, California, Denver, Colorado, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Scottsdale, Arizona and Guilford, Connecticut to name a few.

As each transfer would begin to form and materialize I would get an excitement of a new beginning, a starting over, an exploration and adventure on the horizon. Moving to me meant reassessing my life, my priorities, my family plan and direction, and all that defined me. Moving provided me with a chance to realign and recommit to the things that were important or passionate for me. As well as let go and move away from things that were no longer serving me or purposeful. Moving allowed me to analyze the person that I wanted to truly be and gave me an opportunity to start fresh in pursuing that authentic self. It is fair to say that over the years I have learned much about ME and I continue to fine tune and tweak this person that I continue to get to know.

Since moving to Dallas in 2004, I committed to my children that our somewhat vagabond life would come to a halt to create some normalcy, balance and security in where they live, where they go to school and who their friends are. I have to admit it has been a challenge to stay in one place. There are often days where I get the “itch” to start packing the bags, googling the next city, and dreaming of what lies ahead. But then I am reminded that the same opportunity to live the adventure, to re-invent who I am, to check in with how life is going still remains, even though I maintain the same zip code. Every day I can become a better me. Every day I can re-evaluate where I am, and what is my purpose and passion. Every day I can create a new beginning.

When my life was blessed with yoga and I committed to this life long journey of learning, I was drawn to Patanjali’s fourth Niyama which is Svadhyaya, study of self. Looking inward without judgment, shame or guilt. Quieting things down so that you can hear yourself talk, think and feel? Do you like what you hear? Do you like what you see? Do you like who you are? What would you change? What do you wish to create? What is your purpose and passion? Knowing that the clearer we become of who we are the more we can connect to the Divine in our lives. We can gain this clarity from a regular and consistent yoga practice.

With the start of this year maybe instead of the usual list of goals and expectations, we try something different. Maybe we treat this New Year as a new beginning. Maybe not filled with lists or to-do’s but instead filled with time with just you. Time to ponder, reflect, analyze, dream, create and commit to YOU. It is never too late to shift, change and re-create. Maybe you will be reminded of something that you have always wanted to do. Maybe you will decide to go on that adventure that has been pulling at your heart. Maybe you will become clear about a new direction, purpose or passion. Maybe you will prioritize you and love yourself enough to begin again. Maybe you love what you see and will cherish again the fabulous you. These are questions that only you know and you alone can answer.

I will again embrace a new beginning in 2014. My hope for this year is to continue in my passion for yoga. To continue to learn and grow and go somewhere new with this amazing philosophy and way of life. To continue to share yoga to all who seek light, life and love and to be forever grateful for all that yoga has opened for me thus far. Yoga has changed my life for the better. Yoga has created that much needed space to get up close and personal with me. I am looking forward to seeing where my new beginning will lead as well as looking forward to seeing the new beginning in YOU. Namaste!

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