Our Mission

Become your healthiest YOU!


hot body yoga

Yoga is more than a form of exercise. We believe wholeheartedly that the time spent on the mat positively impacts our life outside the studio. Our focus is to help students integrate the JOY and PEACE found in yoga class into their everyday life.

At HOT BODY YOGA we believe yoga is for everyone! Regardless of experience, fitness level, weight or age! This means, wherever you are yoga will meet you there! Translation: the journey is the reward. Each day when you come to your mat to practice you have an opportunity to CONNECT, CENTER, BALANCE, DETOX and CLEANSE. It is also a chance to OPEN your heart, EMPOWER your body, CHANGE your mind and FEED your soul! Yoga has changed our lives – let us guide you in your own personal practice.


A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug. Yoga is the most powerful medicine in the world. We want to share that message!

We invite you ~ Come inside with us! Make yourself at home! HOT BODY YOGA is a family! Change is growth! Live your dream and share your passion!

Life is a journey. The best things in life aren’t things!