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In the looks obsessed society we live in today it’s hard not to get caught up in feeling like your worth is based on how you look. Since we clearly know that this isn’t the case, it is important to take a step back. Women are continually being flooded with media images, competition for perfection for looks, clothes and other status symbols. One of the many reasons yoga can be life altering is that it helps you find the relationship to your INNER world. When we get caught up in the outer pressures and images we can easily feel worthless and not good enough. In yoga if your intention is to open your heart and accept yourself the way you are it will show you a deeper comfort in your own skin. I think for multi-tasking women, yoga gives them that space to stop. To breathe. To unwind and see another perspective that you don’t always have to be doing doing doing, that you can take a moment and just be. There is an old saying: we’re human beings, not human doings. Yoga helps you embrace your INNER beauty and find the strength to let go of the unjust pressure that society places on women these days. ~Wendy Randall

Why Infrared Hot Yoga? Cleaner, Greener, Healthier

By Ryan Pearce

yoga matts

The gentle heating powers of infrared waves were first used therapeutically in Japan in the 1960s. Since then it has been studied extensively, and shown to provide a multitude of health benefits. But what is infrared heat, and how does it work?

Infrared waves are a long wavelength form of light, which is invisible to the naked eye, but can be felt in the form of heat. Any object that is hot will radiate heat to its surroundings in the form of infrared waves. The example we are most familiar with is standing in the sun on a hot day and feeling the warmth on our skin, this is due to the invisible infrared waves being transmitted alongside visible light.

At Hot Body Yoga we have installed a cutting edge infrared heating system to harness the same infrared energy as the sun, minus the harmful UV rays. The system is housed in the ceiling tiles of the studio, and emits infrared waves which gently warm the objects and people in the room without excessively warming the temperature of the air.

Unlike traditional forced air heating, infrared does not require constant recirculation of the air, which results in cleaner air and less humidity. This makes it significantly healthier for people who suffer from asthma or other breathing problems. Also, it is more efficient than a forced air system, which makes it greener for the environment.

The infrared waves are able to penetrate deep into your tissues, and are completely safe. In fact, infrared heat is even used in hospitals to keep premature babies warm. Infrared heat allows you to enjoy maximum detoxification, and other health benefits, without feeling like you are working out in a steam room. Infrared therapy has even been recommended by Dr. Oz, and some of the health benefits of infrared heat may include:

• Increased blood flow and oxygen supply to the tissues which promotes healing and reduces stress
• Detoxification of heavy metals and other types of toxins which build up in the cells
• Increased metabolism and burning more calories and fat during a workout
• Healthier skin tone by increasing collagen production and fighting acne
• Better circulation which leads to lower blood pressure and a healthier immune system

New Beginnings

By Kim Salisbury

I have had the incredible opportunity for most of my adult life to move every two to three years. Some of you might think that sounds awful, but I truly loved it. I have lived in diverse places with opposing climates, people and customs. From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, San Diego, California, Denver, Colorado, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Scottsdale, Arizona and Guilford, Connecticut to name a few.

As each transfer would begin to form and materialize I would get an excitement of a new beginning, a starting over, an exploration and adventure on the horizon. Moving to me meant reassessing my life, my priorities, my family plan and direction, and all that defined me. Moving provided me with a chance to realign and recommit to the things that were important or passionate for me. As well as let go and move away from things that were no longer serving me or purposeful. Moving allowed me to analyze the person that I wanted to truly be and gave me an opportunity to start fresh in pursuing that authentic self. It is fair to say that over the years I have learned much about ME and I continue to fine tune and tweak this person that I continue to get to know.

Since moving to Dallas in 2004, I committed to my children that our somewhat vagabond life would come to a halt to create some normalcy, balance and security in where they live, where they go to school and who their friends are. I have to admit it has been a challenge to stay in one place. There are often days where I get the “itch” to start packing the bags, googling the next city, and dreaming of what lies ahead. But then I am reminded that the same opportunity to live the adventure, to re-invent who I am, to check in with how life is going still remains, even though I maintain the same zip code. Every day I can become a better me. Every day I can re-evaluate where I am, and what is my purpose and passion. Every day I can create a new beginning.

When my life was blessed with yoga and I committed to this life long journey of learning, I was drawn to Patanjali’s fourth Niyama which is Svadhyaya, study of self. Looking inward without judgment, shame or guilt. Quieting things down so that you can hear yourself talk, think and feel? Do you like what you hear? Do you like what you see? Do you like who you are? What would you change? What do you wish to create? What is your purpose and passion? Knowing that the clearer we become of who we are the more we can connect to the Divine in our lives. We can gain this clarity from a regular and consistent yoga practice.

With the start of this year maybe instead of the usual list of goals and expectations, we try something different. Maybe we treat this New Year as a new beginning. Maybe not filled with lists or to-do’s but instead filled with time with just you. Time to ponder, reflect, analyze, dream, create and commit to YOU. It is never too late to shift, change and re-create. Maybe you will be reminded of something that you have always wanted to do. Maybe you will decide to go on that adventure that has been pulling at your heart. Maybe you will become clear about a new direction, purpose or passion. Maybe you will prioritize you and love yourself enough to begin again. Maybe you love what you see and will cherish again the fabulous you. These are questions that only you know and you alone can answer.

I will again embrace a new beginning in 2014. My hope for this year is to continue in my passion for yoga. To continue to learn and grow and go somewhere new with this amazing philosophy and way of life. To continue to share yoga to all who seek light, life and love and to be forever grateful for all that yoga has opened for me thus far. Yoga has changed my life for the better. Yoga has created that much needed space to get up close and personal with me. I am looking forward to seeing where my new beginning will lead as well as looking forward to seeing the new beginning in YOU. Namaste!

Grand Opening Details ~ Come Sweat With Us!

Grand Opening January 9th, 10th and 11th! ~ Here’s the SCOOP!


HOT BODY YOGA is a brand new place to GET YOUR SWEAT ON and practice yoga in Frisco, TX offering a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels! and yes! even kids, tweens and teens!

We love and adore POWER VINYASA YOGA practiced in a therapeutically warmed infrared heated (85-90) studio to prevent injury, increase muscle flexibility, detox and cleanse. Our classes are designed to nurture the beginner or challenge the most demanding of yoga aficionados.

We believe YOGA is for EVERYONE! Regardless of experience, fitness level, weight or age! Anyone can start. Anytime in life.

HOT BODY YOGA is a fun & funky studio with spiffy changing rooms, nice showers, and a great sound system so we can move, groove and crank the tunes! Our spacious mirrored studio is warmed with infrared heat. It’s the latest & greatest for hot yoga and it’s clean, green and guaranteed to make you sweat, cleanse and detox. We are super proud of our amazingly talented teachers and managers who love yoga with a passion and live to share it.

Pre-Sale PRICING NOW available on our rates page

CLASSES begin Thursday, January 9 thru Saturday, January 11

Thursday, January 9
8:30am SCULPTFLO Wendy Randall
9:45am POWERFLO Alli Downs
5:30pm POWERFLO Kim Salisbury
6:45pm BLISSFLO Taylor Morrow

Friday, January 10
8:30am CARDIYO Tracy Smith/Wendy Randall
9:45am TGIFLO Jenny Dean
11:30am POWERFLO Tressa Vazquez

Saturday, January 11
7:30am HOTFLO Jason Rowan
9:15am DETOXFLO Wendy Randall
10:30am POWERFLO Jenny Dean
11:45am FUNFLO Taylor Morrow
(For class descriptions visit

We would love the opportunity to help you begin or continue your journey! Please stop by Grand Opening weekend to introduce yourself, tour the studio, hang out with us and take a class!

FIRST WEEK is completely COMPLIMENTARY! Unlimited Classes!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Lots of LOVE, PEACE & JOY!
The HOT BODY YOGA family


By Kim Salisbury

There is a common theme of gratitude that one will find when reading most yoga instructors bios.  We all in one way or another have a deep sense of thankfulness towards yoga, the person that introduced us to yoga and the yogic philosophy that has changed, enriched and healed our lives.  I am no different.  Yoga has changed, enriched and healed my life.  Like most I came to yoga for a workout and general physicality of the discipline but quickly realized that yoga offered a healing from the inside, a light, a hope that opened up a bright new world off the mat.  Yoga offered a life of forgiveness, generosity, love, hope and a greater awareness of the world around me and my place in that world.  Yoga for me in its greatest form is spirituality and a deeper connection to God.


Being able to introduce, share and teach yoga to a student is one of my greatest joys.  To be able to expose another to yoga is magical.  There is nothing greater in my job than watching a student transform, shift and light up because of yoga.  It starts with them physically feeling a difference and evolves into a rebirth of their goals, desires, dreams and intentions.  To be a witness to these changes and a-ha moments is a blessing.  To be near their mat when a pose finally becomes accessible or when their body stops fighting and opens up into a flexibility that they never imagined happening is wondrous.  To be able to share something that has the power to transform someone’s life as they know it is amazingly enriching.

At this time of thanksgiving I would like to shout from the rooftops, “I LOVE MY JOB!”  I will be eternally grateful to all my students that put their trust, faith, fitness, health and general well-being in my hands.  I will forever be grateful for the impact they make on my life and the opportunity that I have to share in theirs.  Yoga brings people together and unites us as a community and a whole.  With deep respect and gratitude for yoga and all that it encompasses.  Namaste and Happy Thanksgiving!




Why Yoga WILL lead to weight loss

…and how holiday pounds can be avoided by Wendy Randall

Yoga is experiential. No matter how much anyone can try to persuade you that it works, you have to experience it for yourself and see what happens. The good news is that, each time you practice, you’ll feel less stressed and more energized!

Yoga teaches you how to focus and pay attention to detail. You have to learn to stack your arms, legs, spine, and neck in correct alignment so you can stay balanced. You also have to maintain your attention and make adjustments so you don’t fall over. It forces you to focus on how your body and mind feel, along with how to breathe through physical challenges.

This translates directly into your life off the mat. It helps you see what’s in front of you more clearly so you can act from a grounded place and make good decisions. This is what is called MINDFULNESS. It is something that we develop the more and more we use it.

A recent study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found a strong association between yoga practice and weight control. Researchers attribute it simply to eating “mindfully.” Yoga devotees learn to stay calm in the face of discomfort, and that tendency spills over into other parts of their lives, making it easier to turn down foods that aren’t good for you, no matter how good it sounds. I can vouch for this from personal experience. I developed a hyper awareness of how my body and mind felt after yoga -cleansed energized, strong and healthy – and I wanted to keep it that way by putting fresh, whole foods in afterwards.

Another crucial factor in yoga’s junk food crushing power is that it’s proven to reduce the one thing that 50% of Americans say makes them overeat — STRESS.

There is a common misunderstanding that yoga isn’t effective for weight loss compared to other forms of exercise. I am here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. For starters, you will sweat, blast calories and tone and shape your entire body, but calorie burning is not even where the bulk of yoga’s weight loss power lies. Time spent on the mat helps you get a handle on being mindful which translates to a better understanding of what your body needs to be healthy and feel good.

Yoga requires your full attention and concentration to move through the poses and to hold them. Cultivating attention and awareness on the yoga mat shines a spotlight on habits and behaviors off the mat, including choices about what – and how much – is for dinner. Over time, a regular yoga practice will sharpen your ability to gauge how hungry or full you are. Do you really need that piece of pizza or chocolate? How will it make you feel?

HOLIDAY POUNDS can be avoided–

  1. MOVE everyday as much as possible
  2. EAT regularly in small amounts
  3. DRINK plenty of good ole’ H2O
  4. PRACTICE portion control
  5. Bring MINDFULNESS to eating
  6. Deep BREATHE before you eat
  7. SAVOR each bite
  8. Don’t DEPRIVE yourself
  9. Get plenty of REST
  10. Feel GRATEFUL for your health

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer

My top 10 non-negotiable list for living a healthy, joyful, fit life.

(Note…I didn’t say anything about skinny) by Kim Salisbury

1. Be happy! When you are happy you are powerful. When you are happy you feel good inside and out. When you are happy the person you see in the mirror looks good. That doesn’t mean perfect. There still might be things that you would like to change, but you accept yourself how you are. If you aren’t happy, then choose to be happy. Start something new. Do something that you have wanted to do for a long time. Make some changes. Connect with people that help you feel happy and surround yourself with them. Ditch those that don’t make you feel good. Let go of things that are bringing you down. You have the power to change anything in your life it just takes adjustments and being honest. There is a direct correlation to living a joyful life and being healthy, trim and fit. You start being proactive about your own happiness and you will start seeing the lbs. coming off. I guarantee it!

2. Move! Whatever it takes, get your bum off the couch and get moving. Just do it! Go for a walk, roller blade, ride a bike, put on an exercise DVD, join a new fitness class, put on your favorite bootie shakin’, slammin’ jam and dance, swim, do sit-ups in your living room, jump rope, skip, hop, run. Whatever it takes. Get your blood and heart pumping, your arms and legs moving and your circulation grooving. Amazingly enough this will add wonders to #1.

3. Listen to Your Body! I 100% believe that we are divinely created and from that divinity we were given every tool within ourselves to be healthy. The problem is we have forgotten how to listen to ourselves, to listen to our bodies. We have bought into so many programs, pills, supplements, crazy diets, and horrific advice that we can’t even hear our bodies talking anymore. Slow down, turn off the noise and begin to hear what your body is saying. Begin to hear what you are craving. Begin to listen to when your body is hungry and when it is not. Begin to be aware of what your body needs to eat. It will tell you. Get off automatic pilot and be present with YOU.

4. Stop buying into the fads and schemes! If something sounds too easy, too good to be true and is a quick and fast solution to your health and fitness needs- then it is!!! Look at how long it has taken you to get unfit, unhealthy. It is going to take you a bit longer to get back into feeling good and seeing your body change. But YOU are so worth it. It is not easy, but so completely necessary. Patience is key and realizing that this is now just your healthy way of life for the rest of your life, is vital to your success.

5. Get off the scale! Throw it away!!! And I mean throw it away today. There is no greater self-sabotaging tool than a scale. For example…..You have been eating so clean for the last week. You have gone to the gym. You are feeling really great. You can hardly wait to get on the scale to see the needle drop. But guess what? It doesn’t. You haven’t lost a single pound. Well screw this…..”I’m going to eat a dozen Twinkies!!!” Sound familiar???? You know when you look good. You can feel weight loss when you put on your clothes. You can see healthy when you look in the mirror. Get rid of the soul crushing scale. Get out of the numbers game and set your sights on feeling healthy, not focusing on dropping pounds. Again, if you take on this healthy way of life, I promise the lbs. will come off. Guaranteed! !!

6. Eat Whole Foods!!! Stop filling yourself with bars, powders, pills and “diet” foods. These are overflowing with chemicals that are absolutely harmful to your health. Eat fresh, full in color and flavor foods that have as little time from farm to table. Satisfy yourself with things that taste fabulous. Why eat anything that doesn’t taste good just for the fact that it is “low-fat”, “calorie free”? When you treat your body good with whole food nutrition you will not only see the lbs. come off, but you will notice your complexion, hair, nails, overall look truly shine. Get off the train of depravity and LIVE, EAT and ENJOY!

7. Clear Out The Junk!!! It’s time to clean out the pantry and fridge. Throw it all away. Anything that comes in a box is processed. Anything that is filled with white sugar is poison to your gut. Really!!! Anything that has a long shelf life is not worth eating. Food in a cardboard box is often filled with chemicals and saturated in sodium. Set up a system of success where you are not going to be tempted. If you continue to buy the crap, then you will continue to eat the crap. Get rid of it!!!

8. Treat Yourself!!! If you have been eating clean-whole foods, moving that body and taking on a healthy way of life then eat the *@#! cookie. If you see something that you really want then eat it. Just make sure that you eat one instead of the whole box. And know that tomorrow brings moving and eating healthy, clean, whole foods right back again. But if you choose to eat the cookie…make sure it is the best tasting cookie that you have ever had. Don’t cheat yourself by choosing something that is average. What would be the joy in that? Ask yourself when you are being tempted…”Is this going to be fantastic and heavenly?” If the answer is yes then Go For It!!! If you’re not sure then hold off for that something that makes your mouth water. Your belly will thank you. I have been known to have a few Hot Tamale binges in my day. Sometimes an overdose in something that is purely emotional feels good. Don’t shame or berate yourself. Recommit and start fresh the next day. No harm done.

9. Nothing Tastes As Good As Healthy Feels!!! This has been my personal motto for years and it works. I know how it feels when I am healthy and strong and I also know how it feels when I am not. I choose healthy. I
choose being in control of what I put into my body and what I do with my body. I know that truly there is nothing out there that taste as good as I feel when I am eating well and working strong. There is no pastry, alcohol, pizza, donut, bag of chips that gives me the same feeling as I get when I am fueling my body smart and moving my body effectively. Nothing!!! Nil, Zip, Null, Void, Nada…Nothing!

10. Make a difference!!! The best remedy for unhealthy, obsessive living is to get out of your own head. Stop focusing so much on YOU and get out there. Make a difference in someone’s life today. Commit to someone or something to make a change for good. Get involved. Be passionate! Be aware of how connected we all are and how we effect everyone around us. Be conscious of the energy you bring into a room. Get over yourself and realize there is a great big wonderful crazy world full of amazing people to connect with and learn from. The more you focus on others the less you will be concerned with the few pounds over you are on the scale. The less you will be critical of the size of your thighs or the wobble of your under arm. Get out there and LIVE!!!

As Always…BE STRONG!!!