By Kim Salisbury

There is a common theme of gratitude that one will find when reading most yoga instructors bios.  We all in one way or another have a deep sense of thankfulness towards yoga, the person that introduced us to yoga and the yogic philosophy that has changed, enriched and healed our lives.  I am no different.  Yoga has changed, enriched and healed my life.  Like most I came to yoga for a workout and general physicality of the discipline but quickly realized that yoga offered a healing from the inside, a light, a hope that opened up a bright new world off the mat.  Yoga offered a life of forgiveness, generosity, love, hope and a greater awareness of the world around me and my place in that world.  Yoga for me in its greatest form is spirituality and a deeper connection to God.


Being able to introduce, share and teach yoga to a student is one of my greatest joys.  To be able to expose another to yoga is magical.  There is nothing greater in my job than watching a student transform, shift and light up because of yoga.  It starts with them physically feeling a difference and evolves into a rebirth of their goals, desires, dreams and intentions.  To be a witness to these changes and a-ha moments is a blessing.  To be near their mat when a pose finally becomes accessible or when their body stops fighting and opens up into a flexibility that they never imagined happening is wondrous.  To be able to share something that has the power to transform someone’s life as they know it is amazingly enriching.

At this time of thanksgiving I would like to shout from the rooftops, “I LOVE MY JOB!”  I will be eternally grateful to all my students that put their trust, faith, fitness, health and general well-being in my hands.  I will forever be grateful for the impact they make on my life and the opportunity that I have to share in theirs.  Yoga brings people together and unites us as a community and a whole.  With deep respect and gratitude for yoga and all that it encompasses.  Namaste and Happy Thanksgiving!




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