“…I just loved this place.  As soon as my yoga pants walked in the door, I felt at home…”
-Lydia Boyce of Lifestyle Frisco full review here

“Packed classes, no joke workouts, great instructors and an awesome clothing/body care line!”
-Jennifer T.

“Love, love, love HOTBY! This place is for people seeking a SERIOUS workout routine. The instructors are AWESOME and they encourage me to truly be my best!”
-Amber G.

“Absolutely LOVED the session! Thank YOU for allowing us to center and just “be” for that hour! Love the teachers!”
-Claudia M.

“It’s transforming! I started going to classes after hip surgery. All the instructors have shown me modifications. It’s a healing place for me.”
-Torri C.

“This studio is warm and welcoming! Beautiful showers and changing room and great classes and instructors.”
-Cindy S.

“I like it that every class is unique, different and challenges me!”
-Kathy T.

“Every yoga studio has it’s own culture and HBY is the right fit for me. Prior, I took every class the gyms had to offer. Since I’ve lost 6 pounds, gained muscle definition and feel happier about my body than I have in a long time. The classes challenge me, have changed my body, healed my back pain, they’re fun and no two are the same.”
-Heather H.

“Love the infrared heat!”
-Gaynelle D.

“SCULPTFLO is awesome and a nice addition to my yoga practice! I have to admit, I thought she was nuts when I saw all the props she wanted us to use, but I loved it by the end.”
-Jeannie M.

“Ah-mazing! Challenging! Welcoming! and fulfilling!”
-Danielle L.

“Wendy brings decades of experience, expertise and a wealth of knowledge in the areas of yoga, fitness and nutrition. If you are looking to get leaner, faster, stronger and into the best shape of your life, look no further.”
-Emily B.

“I have followed Wendy for many years in everything from total body conditioning to power yoga and cardio and strength classes. Her positive attitude, broad base of knowledge and personal commitment to each student make her a true gem in the industry. Even though her classes are always full, she always makes me feel special, encouraging me to define my own personal goals and reach my potential. Wendy helped me discover my true inner athlete and I am grateful!”
-Ilana B.

“Amazing yoga outside with nature! Love Wendy! Feel so energized and ready to do it all over again and again!”
-M. Ortiz

“As much as I love hot yoga, doing yoga in the park outside is so nice! Nothing beats being outdoors and feeling alive! I just love the talented cohesive team of teachers you have chosen!”
-Pam N.