Benefits of Yoga


Benefits of Yoga


Group in Natarajasana

YOGA keeps you PHYSICALLY healthy. It increases muscular strength/endurance, builds flexibility/tone, improves posture/balance, contributes to weight loss, detoxifies/purifies the body, decreases chronic pain, rehabilitates injury, and lowers blood pressure. YOGA keeps you MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY healthy. It reduces stress and anxiety, increases energy and vitality, enhances focus, concentration and memory. In addition studies prove it improves sleep, alleviates depression and improves overall sense of well-being.

At HOT BODY YOGA we love and adore POWER VINYASA YOGA in a therapeutically warmed (85-90 degree) studio. HOTFLO is our heart & soul class that is designed to nurture the beginner or challenge the most demanding of yoga aficionados. Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic system of sequenced asana or postures, linking the breath to the movement to connect the mind and the body.

This athletic approach to yoga is known to energize you OPEN your heart! EMPOWER your body! CHANGE your mind! FEED your soul!

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