In the looks obsessed society we live in today it’s hard not to get caught up in feeling like your worth is based on how you look. Since we clearly know that this isn’t the case, it is important to take a step back. Women are continually being flooded with media images, competition for perfection for looks, clothes and other status symbols. One of the many reasons yoga can be life altering is that it helps you find the relationship to your INNER world. When we get caught up in the outer pressures and images we can easily feel worthless and not good enough. In yoga if your intention is to open your heart and accept yourself the way you are it will show you a deeper comfort in your own skin. I think for multi-tasking women, yoga gives them that space to stop. To breathe. To unwind and see another perspective that you don’t always have to be doing doing doing, that you can take a moment and just be. There is an old saying: we’re human beings, not human doings. Yoga helps you embrace your INNER beauty and find the strength to let go of the unjust pressure that society places on women these days. ~Wendy Randall

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